The Men of Gilmore Girls


Sometime last May, I decided to start and finish watching all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls by the end of the summer and I have achieved that goal as of today! During my journey, I slowly encountered spoilers (after all, it’s been seven years since the last episode) and learned that most fans have very strong takes on the multiple men of Lorelai and Rory’s lives and whether they got what they deserved or not. There are many things I love about Gilmore Girls, but since everybody seems to take sides when it comes to the men, I want to put in my two-cents. Officially having seen every episode, I’ve found that I don’t conform to any of the popular opinions. (Except for maybe one…) Continue reading “The Men of Gilmore Girls”


On Being a (Bad) Waitress


I’ve recently started working at a small restaurant and have realized that I am a bad waitress. Don’t get me wrong–I do my job well, eagerly do whatever is asked of me, barely screw up orders, and behave in the most polite way possible. Aside from a few minor mixups, I hardly have problems waiting on tables. But I still believe that while I’m adequate, and occasionally maybe even good, I’m definitely not the best fit.

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Tassel on the left means we've graduated, I guess? :)
Tassel on the left means we’ve graduated, I guess? 🙂

As we all lined up to make our entrance at the stadium (graduation was held on our district’s football field), I looked around at all of my classmates in the huge, baggy green gowns and saw a bunch of precocious 1st graders playing dress-up. But, of course, we were all mostly adults, finished with our compulsory education, and ready to begin the next phase of life. When did we grow up? And why don’t I feel like I’ve finished high school? There are certain milestones I can never imagine myself passing, like getting a driver’s license or graduating, yet here I am. It all feels very unreal–I think it’ll take me a long time to actually process the fact that I’ll never have to return to high school ever again. And so, another year has passed, another class has graduated. Here are some things that I noticed during the ceremony (other than how tiny we all looked): Continue reading “Graduation”