Ithaca Faves

photo 5
Looks like spring has arrived at last!

As astounding as it seems, I have to own up to the reality at hand: I leave Ithaca in 11 days, at which point I’ll no longer be a freshman. It feels simultaneously like O-week was forever ago and like it was just yesterday — seriously, where did the time go? In my last few days here, I’m trying to do all of my favorite things one last time before the break, and as such, I thought it’d be fitting to compile a list of said things for people who might be visiting (or living in) Ithaca in the near future.

Disclaimer: While Ithaca is irrefutably gorgeous (pun employed reluctantly), I’m still no outdoorswoman. Thus, my list will not include the stellar opportunities for gorge-viewing, hiking, or general nature-appreciating. I’m sorry, but this is my list, after all. Continue reading “Ithaca Faves”


Early Decision

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 5.08.59 PMAs it’s that time of year, I’ve decided to write a post for all the high school seniors out there who pledged unflinchingly to attend a certain institution upon acceptance in the increasingly-popular early decision round of college admissions. The following is only my personal experience and opinion, but nonetheless, I think it might be a source of comfort to many of you early decision applicants out there. Continue reading “Early Decision”


Courtesy of my roommate
Courtesy of my roommate

This past weekend was homecoming at Cornell, and it was even more hyped than usual because this year is Cornell’s sesquicentennial (say what?). The “150th” has been very visible around campus, from t-shirts to chalk art to random pumpkins; apparently, it’s a cause worth celebrating! And celebrate it we did/shall (because of course the celebration will last for the entire academic year and probably longer). Continue reading “Homecoming”

College Classes

photo 11Though O-week is winding down, there’s still a fair deal of excitement here–classes started yesterday, and if my conversations with other freshmen are any indication, this is what most of us have been eagerly awaiting. It’s the moment of truth: will our worst fears be confirmed or dispelled? Will the professors be stuffy and pretentious? Will I be able to keep up? Read on to hear me shed some light on the (well, my)  academic situation at present. Continue reading “College Classes”