Becoming That Girl

Me  as Clara in The Nutcracker, 2009

Ah, New Years. Time for countdowns, booze, Mom’s birthday, and reflecting on how fast time has gone by. Although I might write a post about resolutions, all the good intentions I will ultimately scrap, I’d rather write about what happens when you actually manage to achieve your goals. Not just the little ones, but the big goals. When you become the person you once looked up to, maybe even idolized. What happens when you become the girl you always wanted to be? Let’s go back to my ballet days to find out. Continue reading


Fashion Fan Fic

Read the post, then see if you can determine who inspired what part of my outfit!

In this post, I’ll list a few of the sources that I draw on when standing in my closet trying to decide what to put together for the day. Unsurprisingly (to those who know me, at least), I look to TV and movies. In doing so, I play what I chose to dub “Fashion Fan Fic.” What would [insert name] wear? Let’s take a look. Continue reading