Bucharest, Budapest, What’s the Difference?

Kyoka and I in front of the Hungarian Parliament!

Because transportation seems to be the only significant free time I have while traveling, I’m writing this post on the train from Budapest to Vienna. It’s been almost a week since I left Oxford with my friend, Kyoka, for our obscenely long spring break. With two cities behind us and two more ahead, the first leg of the trip is halfway over! Read on for pictures and whatnot from the first two stops: Bucharest and Budapest. Continue reading


Ithaca Faves

photo 5
Looks like spring has arrived at last!

As astounding as it seems, I have to own up to the reality at hand: I leave Ithaca in 11 days, at which point I’ll no longer be a freshman. It feels simultaneously like O-week was forever ago and like it was just yesterday — seriously, where did the time go? In my last few days here, I’m trying to do all of my favorite things one last time before the break, and as such, I thought it’d be fitting to compile a list of said things for people who might be visiting (or living in) Ithaca in the near future.

Disclaimer: While Ithaca is irrefutably gorgeous (pun employed reluctantly), I’m still no outdoorswoman. Thus, my list will not include the stellar opportunities for gorge-viewing, hiking, or general nature-appreciating. I’m sorry, but this is my list, after all. Continue reading

On Being a (Bad) Waitress

Source: favim.com
Source: favim.com

I’ve recently started working at a small restaurant and have realized that I am a bad waitress. Don’t get me wrong–I do my job well, eagerly do whatever is asked of me, barely screw up orders, and behave in the most polite way possible. Aside from a few minor mixups, I hardly have problems waiting on tables. But I still believe that while I’m adequate, and occasionally maybe even good, I’m definitely not the best fit.

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