Dorm Life

There are so many different residence hall experiences, even on the same campus. New dorms are constantly erected, old ones renovated–for us, freshman room assignments came down to the luck of the draw (unless you applied to live in a program house). I’m no stranger to dormitory living, but here are the major things I have to say about living on campus. Continue reading “Dorm Life”

Day 1-2

Clock towerToday marks the end of the first official day of “college,” however, since I moved into my dorm at 8:00 AM on Friday, it already feels like two whole days have passed. Like most major transitions, moving to college is an assortment of emotions, but I think that the full range has yet to impact me. Here’s an update on what the past two days have been like. Continue reading “Day 1-2”

Dorm Decor

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Because I have to fly upwards of 1,000 miles to get to college, I didn’t intend on buying a surplus of decor here at home. While everybody else is spending their summer shopping, I’m browsing online for stuff I can pick up in Ithaca rather than pack it all in suitcase and run the risk of overweight luggage, crushed items, etc. However, my friend suggested we do dorm crafts, and I thought I might as well make a canvas so I have something to hang on my walls. Instead, I left inspired to make a whole set, and voila! Here is the collection that resulted and how I did it. Continue reading “Dorm Decor”