Becoming That Girl

Me  as Clara in The Nutcracker, 2009

Ah, New Years. Time for countdowns, booze, Mom’s birthday, and reflecting on how fast time has gone by. Although I might write a post about resolutions, all the good intentions I will ultimately scrap, I’d rather write about what happens when you actually manage to achieve your goals. Not just the little ones, but the big goals. When you become the person you once looked up to, maybe even idolized. What happens when you become the girl you always wanted to be? Let’s go back to my ballet days to find out. Continue reading


Flying Solo


Bergen fjord cruise

Instead of going straight home from Oxford at the end of term, I decided to take a jaunt through Norway and Iceland. When I first mentioned the idea, my dad thought I should hold off on making firm plans just in case I found some friends in England who might want to accompany me, but I’ve always wanted to try traveling by myself and I finally had the chance to do it. So I took a trip for myself and myself alone, and I had an incredible time. In fact, it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever taken. Now with it all behind me, I write my experiences for all to read.

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Back to School

Same crappy selfie as last year for consistency's sake
Same crappy selfie as last year for consistency’s sake

I somewhat unintentionally took a hiatus during the summer because, well, I wasn’t in “Collegeland.” Because a few interested souls (bless you) asked, I started thinking about whether or not I would continue with the blog. After all, it was originally intended to document my freshman year. I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I’m writing a Back to School post regardless. Continue reading

Money Management

Money: Something that is always pressing and relevant to college students. I can’t pretend to know what the burden of paying your own college tuition feels like, but I can tell you that every student worries about managing their finances in some way, shape, or form. In this post, I’ll explain where my money goes unexpectedly. Continue reading

Pre-College Anxieties

Doesn't look quite like spring yet!
Doesn’t look quite like spring yet!

I honestly can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. College decisions are almost all out for current high school seniors–it’s an exciting time for lots of people, whether it means wrapping up high school or your first year of college. Soon, there’ll be a fresh batch of newbies. We won’t be the newest arrivals for much longer! So I thought it would be timely and hopefully helpful to write a post about the anxieties I had about college this time last year. Continue reading

Mid-Semester Reflection

The Cornell Daily Sun 133rd Editorial Board | Photo courtesy of The Cornell Daily Sun
The Cornell Daily Sun 133rd Editorial Board | Photo courtesy of The Cornell Daily Sun

As time flies on and on, we’re reaching the middle of spring semester. Most people would argue that it’s still winter, but I can feel the inevitable end approaching (unfortunately). My freshman year is moving by so quickly, and because I’m very aware of this, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what this year and this semester has taught me. Here are a few of those nuggets of wisdom for your reading pleasure. Continue reading

Gone Greek

Lining up before entering the house
Lining up before entering the house

Since writing last, I’ve arrived back on campus and have had a multitude of new and crazy experiences. I went through Panhellenic formal recruitment and started classes again, all while extracurriculars are starting back up. To say the least, I’ve been busy. In this post, I’ll focus mainly on the day-by-day recruitment process for sororities here at Cornell. Read all about the organized chaos called rush! Continue reading

Semester 1 in Retrospect

Winter fun here at home!
Winter fun here at home!

After a winter break from blogging as well as the real world, I’m back (even though spring semester classes don’t start for another week)! I’ve been from Disneyland to Steamboat and back to Texas, so before I go back to school, I’ve decided to reflect on the things I learned during my first semester of college. This is by no means a complete list, but I hope to hit the most important points. Continue reading

Early Decision

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 5.08.59 PMAs it’s that time of year, I’ve decided to write a post for all the high school seniors out there who pledged unflinchingly to attend a certain institution upon acceptance in the increasingly-popular early decision round of college admissions. The following is only my personal experience and opinion, but nonetheless, I think it might be a source of comfort to many of you early decision applicants out there. Continue reading