img_7827Natalie Tsay

Cornell University Class of ’18

My name is Natalie, and I’m a student at Cornell University. I’m originally from Texas, yet feel that Ithaca is a great fit for me because I much prefer cold, grey, and snow to heat, sun, and more heat. In fact, Ithaca could have much bleaker weather if you ask me.

I’m studying English with a possible concentration in Creative Writing. This academic year, 2016-2017, I’m studying abroad at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University. Fittingly enough, given my bleak-weather-enthusiasm in the previous paragraph. There I’ll be doing a lot of reading, lot of writing, lot of pretending like I go to Hogwarts. It remains to be seen whether or not I come back with a British accent.

My intent in starting Natalie in Collegeland was to provide a glimpse on campus for high school students considering applying to Cornell, or any college in general. Now, having obviously moved beyond freshman year, I use it as a general college-age, twenty-something blog, primarily meant to keep family, friends, and other interested parties updated on my life.

I’m a bibliophile, a dancer, a student, a coffee-lover, a Ravenclaw, a Disney nerd, an aspiring writer, a proud introvert, and a chronic overthinker. I hope that somebody can find something about my blog useful, entertaining, or inspiring. Thanks for reading!

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