Back on the Blog-wagon

It has been about four months since my last post, and I want to get back into the blogging groove, but I’m pretty unsure of how to start. Where do I even begin? What do I even talk about? Let’s find out together. I’m just winging it, after all.

Despite my optimistic post about the beginning of sophomore year, the fall semester was rough. I got involved in a lot of (possibly too many) new groups and activities on campus, I took the first English class that made me seriously question my intelligence and academic choices, I experienced pretty antagonistic feelings toward Greek life and my place in it, and–here’s the icing on the cake–it didn’t even snow. Sure, there were some high points, but there were certainly some bumps in the road as well.

Though I was happy to see the semester end, I didn’t completely hate it. First and foremost, I’m extremely glad that I got more involved in the Literary Society and related activities, if only for the people I’ve met. As an English major, it’s hard to know who your fellow English majors are with the lack of requirements for the major. After just a few weeks of going to literary events, I started recognizing faces in my classes, and that was really comforting and cool. The people I’ve met through Literary Society are interesting to say the least, and I have truly enjoyed getting to know them better over the course of the year.

While the previously mentioned English class threatened to crush not only my confidence, but my very soul, in the end it made me a much better English major and student in general. I can’t say the words “close reading” don’t still quicken my heartbeat, but I’m definitely more confident about it. Without a doubt, I am much better equipped to take on higher level English classes, and seeing as I’m taking two 4000-levels this semester, I’m immensely grateful. Do I wish it had gone more smoothly? Sure. But it’s those kinds of experiences that really teach you, right?

Everybody knows that the Greek system has some major flaws, and I found it increasingly hard to remember why I rushed in the first place. I have never regretted joining Kappa Delta, but I’m not always thrilled to call myself a member of the Greek community. It became progressively more difficult, as the semester went on, to bring myself to go to events even though I thought living in the house would make it easier. I often felt alienated from the rest of my pledge class because I just wasn’t motivated to go to mixers or date night or formal. None of it was appealing. To be honest, those events still don’t really appeal much to me, but going through recruitment reminded me how much I love the sisterhood. I joined my sorority for the people, not to mix with frats. Thanks to KD, I have met and befriended some incredible young women who constantly surprise me with their support, generosity, passion, and genuineness. I might still struggle to find a place in the Greek community, but I never doubt my place in KD.

I have better feelings about this semester. I like my schedule a lot, and I’m taking a narrative writing class with the author of a book I read over winter break (and loved a lot). I’m getting to know the new Kappa Deltas and crafting for the future little. I’m falling behind on pleasure reading and freaking out about my summer plans, but I was just officially offered a visiting student place with Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford for the 2016-2017 academic year! Where, by the way, it was just announced that they’ve appointed 11 new visiting fellows, including Benedict Cumberbatch and Emma WatsonThere are no words to properly convey my excitement.

There are still some stressors in my life, but on the whole, things are looking up. I just hope to find a better extracurricular-academic balance and enjoy my last semester at Cornell (until fall 2017). Keep your fingers crossed for me.



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