Fashion Fan Fic

Read the post, then see if you can determine who inspired what part of my outfit!

In this post, I’ll list a few of the sources that I draw on when standing in my closet trying to decide what to put together for the day. Unsurprisingly (to those who know me, at least), I look to TV and movies. In doing so, I play what I chose to dub “Fashion Fan Fic.” What would [insert name] wear? Let’s take a look.

Supposedly, fashion is about expressing your individuality. This cliche comes from the sentiment that we are all original–there’s something special about every one of us, and our style should reflect that uniqueness. In theory.

In one of my classes the other day, we talked about the Renaissance’s disdain for the term “original.” Renaissance artists and writers aimed, instead, to imitate. They created by imitating, which is exactly what I do every day. As a result of me “dressing up,” wearing skirts and blouses, to class almost every day, I’ve gotten quite a few comments about my style. Yet while it may seem “original” to others, it’s not exactly so.

JessNew Girl (Fox)


Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! (Or Zooey Deschanel, because let’s be real–how different can the two actually be?)

What I like about Jess’s style is that it’s bright, quirky, and adorable. Jess also tends to lean toward the conservative, because of her occupation as a middle school (?) teacher. She’s also not afraid to wear totally wacky prints and she doesn’t shy away from polka dots. There’s a lot to like about Jess’s style, if you ask me, and a lot of dresses to envy.

What I copy:

  1. Pairing a fun, bright colored dress with a cardigan
  2. Prints that are out of the ordinary, or especially cutesy


Felicity Smoak, Arrow (The CW)

tumblr_nfgzdmPbKe1tfcvc3o1_500She makes me want to be a computer science major. And that’s saying a lot.

I love the way that Felicity combines professional wear and, well, non-professional wear. While most of her dresses are probably not to be worn for an office job (one character makes a snide remark regarding the length of her skirts), she makes them look appropriate. Like Jess, she wears her fair share of quirky prints, but Felicity usually sticks to solid colors, choosing cut-outs as an alternate way of mixing it up. I don’t own a ton of dresses that I can say were inspired by Felicity’s style, but I’m not gonna lie, I definitely bought my newest pair of glasses with her in mind. She also accessorizes like a champ, so I strive to imitate that as well, to varying degrees of success due to my reluctance to spend too much money on jewelry.

What I copy:

  1. Glasses
  2. Accessories
  3. Dress colors and silhouettes

felicitys-black-white-grid-dress felicitys-yellow-beaded-cardigan

Belle, Once Upon a Time (ABC)

tumblr_nkofe0m0ke1rhtzjoo1_1280Everything I could have wanted from a live portrayal of my favorite princess* and Australian. One word: Librarian-chic. Technically two words, but who’s counting?

*Elsa outranks Belle as my favorite, but she’s a queen, so it’s different.

Belle is hands-down my biggest style inspiration at the moment. There’s just something about the way that she (read: the OUAT costume department) combines different pieces that is simply magical. If I could raid one fictional character’s closet, you better believe I’d be in Storybrooke in a heartbeat. Like both characters listed above, Belle is conservative without being Amish. In a similar vein as Felicity’s hater, there’s a meme floating around about the length of Belle’s skirts that includes a disapproving cartoon-version-Belle. Whoever made that meme is irrelevant. Though I have multiple style icons, Belle best epitomizes the style that I want for myself.

What I copy:

  1. Cute, professional-ish skirts and tights
  2. Tops often including bows and high necks
  3. Fall/winter coats
  4. Heeled booties
  5. General librarian vibe
  6. Everything

11jccwm belles-black-gold-top-tweed-skirt-386x580


Another element of “Fashion Fan Fic” is creating outfits on, which was brought to my attention by the popular tumblr account, Disneybound. A few months ago, I got bored and created a bunch of OUAT-inspired outfits, much like the Disneybound account puts together ensembles inspired by Disney characters. This is purely for fun, but it exercises those same muscles that I exert when I choose actual things to wear. Now, if only I could consider that exercise.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 3.23.28 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 5.16.32 PM

So, as you can see, I look to specific references when constructing outfits for myself, and these three are just a few examples (another big example is Elsa, scroll down for those). However, maybe it’s this combination that constitutes a look individual to me. Can something be original if it’s just a mix of non-original things? That’s some philosophy, for you. Though this post should end here, I’ll now point out a few instances (for those who are interested) of my little fashion Imitation Game to bring it all home.


Dress inspired by cartoon Belle (Sunglasses not inspired by Jess, though she does have the same pair)
Shirt (Victorian woman print) inspired by Felicity, Jess — Skirt, wedges inspired by Belle
Dress, shoes inspired by Belle
Glasses inspired by Felicity
Do I need to say who inspired these?
Dress inspired by Jess
Combo inspired by Belle, Felicity
New ballroom costume! Another Frozen reference because that’s my life. How much would I hate myself if I passed up that opportunity?

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