I’m (a) Little

Me and my Big! :)
Me and my Big!

It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve written a post. I went M.I.A. semi-expectedly, though–February has been a majorly busy month for many reasons. The most immediate one, though, has been KD, and the most recent event, per se, was the infamous Big/Little week.

But first, updates on things not pertaining to Greek life. Classes have been good–in fact, I think my workload this semester is drastically lighter than last even though I’m taking the same exact number of credits. My science class, Astronomy, requires a weekly short essay which, for me, takes much less time than a problem set. The readings for my Theory & Criticism class are generally very manageable, Latin is the same level of work as last fall, and Creative Writing’s work is both light and enjoyable. The only class I have consistent tests in is Latin, and though I’m taking two English classes, I don’t have many papers to write. I’m not complaining, but perhaps, in retrospect, I might’ve been able to handle another class.

Then again, maybe not. I’ve had so much to do extracurricular-wise that I decided not to look for a part-time job as I’d originally planned on doing. Running for Blogs Editor for the Sun hasn’t been quite as time-consuming as I’d anticipated, but I still have to attend weekly Edit meetings and work on posts when they’re actually submitted. Kitsch is just starting to pick up speed–I should have a good amount of tasks to accomplish there. Ballroom I unfortunately haven’t been as involved in this semester. I had to forgo our first two competitions and the showcase because of sorority conflicts, but my partners are also busy and quite understanding.

collage room
My decorated bed

The biggest commitment has been, surprise surprise, KD. Like I think I’ve said before, it’s all stuff I want to do. For instance, Big/Little Week! It required pretty much zero effort on my part because we, as littles, are showered with affection, crafts, apparel, and sweets.

The details are like so: You might receive deliveries (coffee, CTB, baked goods) via another sister in PC ’14 throughout the day, you would come home to your room decked out in streamers and balloons and your bed covered in your favorite treats (which, naturally, you listed in the Big/Little survey to ensure that they bought you things you like), and you watch your Facebook blow up with the fake Little pages (i.e. Everyonecomesayhi TomylittleNatalieTsay) and people sharing photos of their anonymous big’s craftiness. Ultimately, everyone’s experience was slightly different because all of the girls have such different personalities, but I think everyone ended up loving the 3-day week.

Llama llineage


My side of the lin!
My side of the lin!

It was a lot more anticipation than I thought it would be, and though it was kind of stressful and personal because the girls in PC ’14 were literally ranking who they wanted most (in addition to us ranking as well), it all works out in the end. It sounds like an utterly ridiculous idea, but it was actually pretty fun, and at the end of the week, you’re part of a lineage that will always be looking out for you.

So my roommate and I joined the Llama Llineage! After reveal, we went to get waffles with our bigs, my big big, our biggest, and our big^5. It’s pretty cool to be part of a lineage because how often will something like that actually be a thing? I’m super excited to hang out more with all of them, and doubly excited that my roommate and I get to share this too.

Now the entire Greek community is taking part in Wet Week–a week of nightly wet (alcoholic) mixers to celebrate the end of the dry new member period. Oh, right, I also got initiated! I’m now officially a full-fledged sister in Kappa Delta. Whaaat? Yes. I can’t believe it either. Prelims are also descending slowly upon us, but luckily, I only have one and it’s not for a few weeks! Hooray! Life is good. Knock on wood.


Smothered in roomie's love!
Smothered in roomie’s love!

2 thoughts on “I’m (a) Little

  1. jasmine March 18, 2015 / 2:18 am

    I’m also a KD!!AOT

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