What’s New: Semester 2

photo 2For lack of any other ideas at the moment, I’ve decided to write a quick post just to serve as an update on my second semester at Cornell. It’s certainly been much busier–and colder–than the first one.


Since, after all, education is why I’m here. I’m taking four classes again despite my promise to bump it up to five because my extracurricular schedule just went through the roof. So far, the workload has been comparable to–if not lighter than–fall’s. I’m taking Intro to Creative Writing, Intro to Literary Theory & Criticism, History of the Universe (in the Astronomy department) and the second installment of Introductory Latin. Right now, it’s still about fulfilling requirements while, at the same time, diving right into classes that’ll count toward the English major. I’m not crazy about my Astro class, but I really like the rest, so I suppose I can put up with one mediocre course. I also started Rock Climbing (PE) this week!

First time snow tubing!
First time snow tubing!


After joining KD, my calendar filled up pretty quickly. Luckily, it’s all fun stuff like spa/movie night, house dinner, Superbowl party, etc. to help us get to know other members of our pledge class and the older girls as well (mostly the pledge class directly above us, PC ’14). I definitely want to be going to all of these events, but it takes up a significant amount of time, especially because I had few nighttime/weekend commitments last semester. Goodbye, free Sundays. RIP.

Ballroom is just starting back up, and so far it’s more or less the same except for two things: 1) I can’t compete in the first two competitions because of sorority stuff and 2) I’m very rusty. My partners understand that I’m busy and I think they’re busier too, so I’m not too mad about dialing back a little bit for the time being.

I’m also running, or “compet-ing,” to be next year’s Blog Editor for the Daily Sun. I thought it would be more time consuming, but right now it’s pretty manageable, mostly because I’ll only have one or two posts to edit per day, and one or two days per week. While all that’s going on, I’m still writing for the Arts section, more or less on a bi-weekly basis, but I’ve stopped writing for Blogs (I’ll probably resume that next semester because I really liked my blog, The Biblio-Files).

Last but not least, I’m on the editorial board for Kitsch literary magazine! Not sure what my official title is yet, as I’ve been informed that the section I was supposed to co-edit will either undergo significant changes or disappear altogether. But hey, they told me they’d keep me on board either way, so I’m not complaining.


For the 3.5 weeks I’ve been back on campus, there’s been snow on the ground. We’ve had very few instances of heavy snowfall, though the past few days have definitely been an exception thanks to winter storm after winter storm. On the whole, it really hasn’t been too cold, and I’ve still seen the sun a few too many times for my liking. I’m still making do with my wool coats to the astonishment of many. It’s funny that the people who told me I’d freeze this winter are the ones who are freezing themselves and, frankly, I’m fine. Hoping it’s not too early to say this, but I still love winter and resent the people who told me I’d hate it by now.

That’s about all that’s new with me! We’re finally moving past the chaos of the first week or so of classes, and I have a feeling that this semester is gonna be a good one.



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