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Oh, the glorious world of clubs, student organizations, intramurals, etc. Last weekend was Clubfest, where several hundred (300) groups send representatives to passive-aggressively encourage freshmen to sign up for their listservs and then bombard said freshmen with emails until we all lament the fact that we so eagerly put our names down for anything remotely interesting. Outing club, really? I’m not an outdoorsy person! Chinese Students Association? Technically I’m Taiwanese, but their flyer advertised boba. Here, I describe the daunting process of choosing extracurriculars. 

1. Go to Clubfest, or the similarly titled activities fair

2. Become overwhelmed by all of the people handing you sheets of paper and corralling you to their sign-up sheet/laptop

3. Sign up for anything you might be remotely interested in at some point in time

4. Take their candy without feeling too guilty

5. Attend as many of the conflicting first meetings as you can

6. Whittle down your list to a few that you’re actually interested in

7. Regret the self-inflicted deluge of emails

8. Get excited about the extracurriculars you actually want to join

After sifting through my loooong list of options, I’ve narrowed my activities down: DanceSport (ballroom dance team), The Cornell Daily Sun, and Film Club. I’m pretty confident that the combination of these three will fill my time well but not overwhelm me. My class load is pretty light, so I hope to have a good balance of academics and extracurriculars this semester.

I feel good about all of these groups, but I think I’m most excited about writing for the Sun. I’m writing for both the Blogs and Arts & Entertainment section and I’m already pretty stoked about it. I want to be an editor or writer eventually, so I might as well jump into it, right? My first published article for the Daily Sun was a blog post called BY ITS COVER | The Imperfectionists (book review on Tom Rachman’s novel). For blogs, I get to write essentially whatever I want, so it’ll definitely have a literary theme. For A&E, I’m probably going to stick to movie reviews. Seeing my Arts article in the real paper was much more exhilarating than I thought it would be–I just couldn’t help smiling, I was so excited! I chose to write a movie review on Only Lovers Left Alive (which I titled Vampires Wear Ray-Bans) starring my absolute favorite, Tom Hiddleston. It was just so cool: my words, my thoughts, right there for everyone to see. It was beautiful and I can’t wait for the next one.

As of now, the emails have started settling down and my sign-up-remorse is fading. Everything’s still getting started in a sense, so I’m interested to see where I’ll be and how I’ll feel about extracurriculars in a few weeks. For now, I’m excited and ready to explore new avenues.



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