Beach Days

BeachFor the past week or so, I’ve been at Rosemary Beach in Florida and I have a few things to say about beach vacations. It’s always gonna be a fun trip with family and friends, but in general, I personally find the beach to be much more tiring than relaxing. Read on for thoughts about beach vacations and where to find great food!

To start, the weather here is pretty nice. It can get really humid in the mornings, but the temperature throughout the day is pleasant. My main complaint about the beach stems from an unpopular opinion of mine: I hate the sun. By that, I mean I don’t enjoy feeling the heat beat down on me, I hate feeling like I’m being roasted alive, and I would rather not get tan. I also despise covering myself in sunscreen, though I manage to tolerate it as my shield against the sun. If I can sit under an umbrella all day and read a good book, I’m very content at the beach. Sitting in the sun simply leeches my energy; having shade is the best of both worlds because you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the breeze without baking.

Another reason I don’t love the beach is that I don’t love swimming. The first few times in the water are nice, refreshing, even fun. Yet I quickly grow tired of feeling gross because of the saltwater (or, in the case of pools, chlorine). I just don’t always enjoy myself very much in the water, mostly because of how I feel after I’ve dried off–dirty and slightly sticky. Even worse than the saltwater is the seaweed–it was an especially bad situation on the first day here. Don’t even get me started on how disgusting it made me feel finding seaweed stuck under my bathing suit (let’s just say that shower was the most satisfying of my life).

Despite all of these things, I still enjoy many things about the beach. For instance, as I’ve previously mentioned, the ocean is vast and beautiful and the breeze balances out the heat from the sun. My favorite part of the trip–besides eating at awesome restaurants–was the beach at night. Something about seeing the ocean in complete darkness is so captivating and mysterious and eerie. Everything bleeds together and you can’t tell the water from the sky, but you still hear the rhythmic crashing of the waves. Lying on the sand has never been my favorite, but it’s totally different when there are stars above you. Looking at the huge expanses of water and sky puts me in such a serene state of mind; as tacky as it sounds, it makes me realize how small I am (and my problems, too) in the grand scheme of things. In short, the beach at night is a magical thing.

Overall, beach vacations are nice, but I think I’m more of a winter vacation person. Already looking forward to a ski trip in January!


La Crema: Tapas and chocolate. Pricey for small portions, but phenomenal food and desserts!

George’s: Really fresh ingredients and unique dishes.

Donut truck (near Alys Beach): Expensive but delicious.

Grilled cheese truck (in Seaside): Interesting combinations like the Meatloaf grilled cheese!

Frost Bites (in Seaside): Good shaved ice and custard.




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