Dorm Decor

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Because I have to fly upwards of 1,000 miles to get to college, I didn’t intend on buying a surplus of decor here at home. While everybody else is spending their summer shopping, I’m browsing online for stuff I can pick up in Ithaca rather than pack it all in suitcase and run the risk of overweight luggage, crushed items, etc. However, my friend suggested we do dorm crafts, and I thought I might as well make a canvas so I have something to hang on my walls. Instead, I left inspired to make a whole set, and voila! Here is the collection that resulted and how I did it.

When it comes to decorating, I like to keep it simple. I’m not a huge fan of patterns, ambitious color combinations, or anything of the sort, and that’s why I decided to try the Peter Pan and Wendy silhouette. Since I don’t have bedding yet, black and white is the safest bet. My friend’s sister told me how to trace the outline onto the canvas (thanks to the godsend that is Pinterest) and I totally fell in love with it when I finished. After mulling over which characters I should feature for hours, I finally decided on Alice, Ariel, and Elsa in addition to Peter Pan and Wendy. This particular DIY is super easy, fast, and elegant for any room, and you can choose whatever (in whichever color) you want to paint!

All you need are brushes–I suggest buying a small flat-edged one, a TINY one for the minuscule details, and a medium sized one for filling in–and the following:

  1. Canvases (I have two 9x12s and two 8x10s)
  2. Tissue paper
  3. Pencil
  4. Sharpie
  5. Painter’s tape (optional)

What you do is this:

  1. Print your figure
  2. Lay the tissue paper on the printout and trace the outline with pencil
  3. Lay the tissue paper on the canvas, tape down with painter’s tape (optional), and trace outline with Sharpie (I found that thin Sharpies worked very well, but both are fine)
  4. Fill in with paint!

The only tip I have is this: make a thick outline with either thick Sharpie or a flat-edged brush and paint. After that, the figure will look much neater and will be easier to fill in. In addition, two coats suffice, but three can never hurt.

Click on the character name to find the picture source:


Peter Pan and Wendy



If you have other minimalist decor ideas, please leave them in the comments. Happy crafting!



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